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April 2024

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Texas public schools are achieving remarkable results with significantly lower funding compared to counterparts like New York. With an expenditure per pupil of $12,374 compared to New York's $25,597, Texas educators and students are showcasing their dedication and skill. The 2022 NAEP results underscore this, with Texas outscoring New York in 4th grade math and reading across several demographics.

However, these achievements also highlight the potential for even greater success with increased investment. Imagine the heights our students could reach with the same level of resources as New York—a testament to the transformative impact of equitable funding on educational outcomes.

Note: The listed 2019-20 funding of $12,374 per pupil in Texas does not reflect the full financial reality. Lawmakers have not increased the basic allotment of $6,160 since 2019, despite inflationary price increases of up to 19% on everything, including supplies, utilities, and other school operational expenses. The state tends to adjust the figures to portray a more optimistic view of the financial landscape than what truly exists. This article from TASB goes into more detail about the myths versus reality of school finance.

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