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A Message for Our Courageous Texas Educators

ATPE's Teach the Vote, Friends of Texas Public Schools, and Pastors For Texas Children have teamed up to deliver a series of uplifting and inspiring messages of encouragement, dedicated to the leaders and professional educators of our children in more than 1,000 independent school districts and 8,500+ neighborhood campuses across Texas! No one has stepped up bigger than you and your colleagues during the last two years to lead our communities through the uncertainty that has been the Covid-19 pandemic.


Below is the first of five video messages we are making available with the intent to convey how much we love you, we appreciate you, we support you, and most of all, WE SEE YOU doing God's work every day for Texas children.


As ministers and community leaders, we recognize how vital you and your colleagues have been and will always continue to be. Teachers, superintendents, bus drivers, custodians, coaches, nurses, and every support staff segment of our Texas Public Schools have risen courageously to the all-important task of loving and serving our children, no matter what unexpected challenges you face.


For that, we honor you. 

Leslie Milder, an important message to Texas teachers and educators

Thank you!

A message of thanks from Friends of Texas Public Schools cofounder,

Leslie Milder

Enough is enough!

A message on testing from North Texas Commission President & CEO,

Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace, North Texas Commission video on Enough is Enough
Suzi Kennon, Texas PTA president video on vouchers


A message on vouchers from Texas PTA President,

Suzi Kennon


A message on censorship from Rev. Natalie Webb, University Baptist Church, Austin, Texas

Rev. Natalie Webb, University Baptist Church on Censorship
Rev. Charles Foster Johnson, Bread Fellowship & Pastors for Texas Children video on Voting


A message from Rev. Charles Foster Johnson, Bread Fellowship, Fort Worth, Texas & Executive Director, Pastors for Texas Children

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