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The Public Education Advocacy Summit has been postponed. Stay tuned for details on on upcoming events. 

Friends of Texas Public Schools and Pastors for Texas Children have teamed up to co-host the 2nd Annual Public Education Advocacy Summit, designed to strengthen advocacy efforts among school, community, church, business, and elected leaders.

2nd Annual Public Education Advocacy Summit 


Public education, more specifically our neighborhood independent school districts, are the bedrock upon which all success in Texas is built. Without a strong system of free public schools serving the public good and funded collectively by every Texan, whether they have children enrolled in them or not, our state and nation cannot thrive.

This Summit is about uniting and mobilizing the supermajority of Texans who believe in and support their neighborhood ISDs in stepping up as advocates for the institution of public education, and more specifically, the children served and the educators serving. The Summit is not about lobbying. While lobbying is a critical and necessary function, it is not advocacy.

Advocacy precedes, succeeds, and coincides with lobbying, but it is exponentially more effective than lobbying in achieving meaningful and productive change at the state level. Advocacy is a consistent campaign of:

·       Voting

·       Educating

·       Engaging 

·       Mobilizing

·       Connecting

·       Contributing

·       Volunteering

·       Marketing

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