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About Us

We are a bit of a different type of organization… one that doesn’t invest energy in education reform but rather in celebrating what’s right with our schools. We are an apolitical organization focused on educating all Texans about the virtues and achievements of our Texas Public Schools. 


Contrary to popular opinion and the day’s headlines, our public schools are performing remarkably well. The widespread failures so often debated are nothing more than myths. Sure, there are isolated cases of failures across the country, but our schools are achieving more today than ever before and America’s schools are superior to any other nation in the world. All of those international comparisons are based on suspect data and, in our opinion, are grossly flawed.

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The vision of Friends of Texas Public Schools is that Texas public school educators will be ambassadors for their profession. Texans will believe that being an educator is noble, will revere and respect their public schools, and will recognize their role and become engaged in quality public education.


"To facilitate respectful conversations about Texas public schools through honest communication, productive dialogue, and relentless encouragement."

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