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Texas Public Schools Remain Best Choice

In spite of political rhetoric to the contrary, public schools have never been more successful than they are today. Teeming with highly skilled, professionally trained educators who love kids, the pub

lic schools are more prepared than any other modern options to properly educate your children, whether it occur live oncampus or online from home. Either way, every public school student is taught by certified, professionally degreed educators and supported by a host of other specialized educators, including counselors, diagnosticians, librarians, speech therapists, music and theater teachers, art teachers, coaches, and more. We hear a lot from politicians and the media about why parents should consider alternatives to their neighborhood public schools, with little if any regard for the benefits of choosing public schools. We’ve compiled some of those here for your consideration.


Why choose your neighborhood public school district for on-campus or online schooling?

PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS are highly skilled, compassionate, professionally trained educators who are adept at connecting with children and nurturing their love of learning. Like automobiles, children are complex systems. Parents can drive them, but it takes a skilled mechanic to make them learn on all cylinders! PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS have objectivity, trained to spot and address learning challenges. Parents struggle to be objective while teaching their own children. PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS are trained to identify children who may have learning challenges and can involve parents, counselors, and other learning specialists as needed. PUBLIC SCHOOLS have many support resources available to your children, including diagnosticians, speech therapists, counselors, and content specialists. CHILDREN need adults in their lives who they trust in addition to their parents. CHILDREN need structured time away from home, and when that’s not possible, professionally structured time at home while learning on a virtual platform. CHILDREN thrive on routine, which is often difficult to achieve at home for a sustained period of time. PUBLIC SCHOOLS offer extracurricular and co-curricular enrichment programs, such as arts, music, athletics, clubs, and activities. PUBLIC SCHOOLS teach children a certain degree of independence. Children keep track of their class schedules, move from one class to another, buy their lunch, and engage in club activities. PUBLIC SCHOOLS are tuition free for all of your children. PUBLIC SCHOOL students have ample opportunities for social interaction with a microcosm of their world.

Need More Reasons ?


  • Offer students leadership skills development opportunities through clubs and activities, such as student council, debate, language, chess, dance, robotics, art, and too many more to list here!

  • Offer students many opportunities to engage in community service projects.

  • Generously and lovingly serve all special needs children.

  • Are held accountable to state performance requirements.

  • Are governed by locally elected boards of trustees who serve as stewards of taxpayer resources and the public trust.

  • Deliver a challenging and robust, carefully crafted curriculum and are held accountable to state performance requirements.

  • Prepare students for many of life’s realities, such as co-existing with people they may or may not like, teamwork, collaboration, and navigating a wide variety of personalities and challenges.

  • Teach children about winning gracefully and losing graciously.

  • Teach children to persevere.

  • Teach children about delayed gratification.

  • Parenting and teaching can be overwhelming, especially with multiple children.

  • Give you and your child much-needed time apart.

  • Foster your child’s independence.

  • Have rigorous and regimented schedules that teach children the art of self-discipline.

  • Children are more resistant to learning and receiving formal instruction from those who parent them.

  • Provide free transportation to and from school.

  • Provide free and reduced-lunch options for low income families.

  • Are a safe place for children during the day while parents go to work.


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