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Message for Texas State Senate

Dear Texas Senate,

It is unfortunate that you feel the need to vilify our Texas public schools because your top campaign contributions come from folks who are determined to see vouchers finally pass. Condemning our public schools and casting harsh accusations of widespread failure is not only disrespectful and counterproductive, it is just flat inaccurate. Doing so for the benefit of a corrupted ideology seeking profit on the backs of our taxpayers from the billions invested in public education is reprehensible.

The public schools across this great state, including those in the heart of our largest metropolitan areas, are achieving extraordinary success in spite of your toxic rhetoric and lack of support. I recognize that you don’t want to hear it or read it because this reality contradicts your political and personal agendas, but if you should have even the slightest hint of curiosity about these public school achievements to which I refer, or any respect at all for those who’ve dedicated their lives to serving Texas in the classroom, please continue reading the sourced information below.

For those of you serving in the Senate who may be reasonably minded Texans and open to objectively learning more about our schools first-hand versus trusting what you read and hear as the gospel, I invite you to invest a full day on any public school campus in Texas to experience it for yourself. I will personally make those arrangements for you if you have the courage to accept.

Scott Milder, Founder & CEO

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