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January 2023

An open letter to the 181 members of the Texas Legislature:

Despite political rhetoric to the contrary, public schools have never been more successful than they are today. It's a fact supported by every measure the Texas Legislature has created to hold educators accountable.

  • 74% of Texas ISD campuses earned an A or B rating for the school year 2021-22 despite Covid challenges.*

  • 95% of Texas ISDs earned the state's highest ratings for fiscal responsibility.*

  • 90% - The high school graduation rate for the Class of 2021, ranking Texas 4th in the nation.*

  • 49th - Only Utah invests less per student in its public education system than Texas.

*All achieved while Texas has one of the highest percentages of students on free-and-reduced lunch, one of the highest percentages of students from a single-parent or no-parent home, and one of the highest percentages of students who are limited English or no English at all.

Teeming with highly skilled, professionally trained educators who love kids, our neighborhood public schools are more prepared to educate Texas children properly than any other modern options. No alternative offers students more opportunities to excel in academics, extracurriculars, clubs, and activities.

Every public school student is taught by certified, professionally degreed educators and supported by a host of other specialized educators, including counselors, diagnosticians, librarians, nurses, speech therapists, special education teachers, music and theater teachers, art teachers, coaches, and more.

Many politicians promote the benefits of school choice options for parents with little regard for the benefits of choosing their neighborhood public school. Let's cut through the noise surrounding education policy and recognize that our Texas Public Schools are doing a great job despite teacher shortages, rising poverty, language barriers, resource deficiencies, hostile state leadership, and a state legislature that makes it harder for educators to be successful with each passing session.

Let's celebrate their many achievements, lift the spirits of educators, show them well-earned respect, and lend them a hand by investing generously in their excellent work. Imagine how great our neighborhood public schools could be if their state weren't always working so hard against them.

Enclosed is a poster to hang on the walls of your legislative offices to remind yourself and your visiting constituents that great things are happening in Texas Public Schools!

You can also follow us on social media to keep up with their latest achievements.

We wish you a happy 2023 and a fruitful session. -Leslie & Scott Milder

View the rest of this month's e-newsletter here!

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