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74% of Texas Public School Campuses Achieve an A or B Rating, Despite COVID-19 Challenges

In the first rankings to be issued since 2019 due to two years of COVID-related pauses, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) released the 2022 A–F accountability ratings for districts and campuses. Adjusted to exclude charter schools, the data shows that 74% of Texas Public School campuses received an A or B rating, a dramatic improvement from 60.6% in 2019.

“These results show our state’s significant investment in the post-pandemic academic recovery of Texas public school students is bearing fruit,” said Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath. “I’m grateful for the driving force behind this year’s success: our teachers and local school leaders.”

The 2022 accountability system evaluates academic performance using three domains: Student Achievement and School Progress, accounting for 70% of the overall grade, with the remaining 30% based on a school’s Closing the Gap score.

As part of Senate Bill (SB) 1365, all districts and campuses receive a label of A, B, C, or Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365 for 2022. Any domain or overall scaled score less than 70 receives the Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365 label.

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