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Friends of Texas Public Schools Announces Addition of New Board Members

Friends of Texas Public Schools (Friends), a nonprofit, grassroots organization shining a light on all that's right with Texas public schools, appointed three new members of the board of directors: Ron Jones, Odell Taylor, and David Webb.

Odell Taylor serves as the Intervention Segment Director for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

As segment director, Taylor has the privilege of helping school districts secure math/literacy intervention solutions to help their students achieve their best possible academic outcomes. Odell is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

“I welcome this opportunity to be a part of the Friends of Texas Public Schools Board of Directors as it continues to recognize and celebrate the wonderful and amazing work that goes on each day within Texas public schools,” said Taylor.

Ron Jones has worked in the education technology sector for more than 25 years. He is a trustee for the Dripping Springs Independent School District and is active on many boards and nonprofits in his community. Recognizing that community leaders made it possible many years ago to enjoy an outstanding community and public school system, he is motivated to assist in its fiscal management and governance as growth and academic achievement dictate for the school district. He enjoys mentoring students involved with the Burke Foundation in his spare time. He likes to hunt and fish, but is purportedly a terrible golfer.

“I am proud to serve on the Friends of Texas Public Schools board. Our public school teachers, administrators, and staff are heroic in so many ways: impacting the lives of our students is a noble effort, and I've always been grateful to Friends of Texas Public Schools for helping us tell these stories,” said Jones.

David Webb currently serves as the Regional Sales Director for Texas with Imagine Learning. He started his career in public education as a high school teacher in the Frisco Independent School District where he taught ELA for 8 years before spending the last 10 years with Imagine Learning serving districts in DFW and now the whole state. David is married to the best kindergarten teacher in the world. He and his wife have two hilarious boys who play baseball and love music. Public education has been an incredible gift to the Webb family and David is humbled to serve on the Friends of Texas Public Schools board of directors to help further the message that public schools in Texas are accomplishing incredible things for our students across this great state.

“I am honored to join the already stellar group of Friends board members who are dedicated to the cause of raising awareness about how amazing our Texas public schools really are. I look forward to serving the organization and partnering with school districts to continue to empower teachers and administrators to do the amazing work needed to help ensure a bright future for our students. Thank you for the opportunity to serve,” said Webb.

The Friends Board is a diverse group of business leaders committed to promoting the great things happening in Texas public schools.

“On behalf of the board of directors and our members, we are excited to have Odell, Ron, and David join our Friends team. As long-time advocates of public schools, their support and advice will be of great benefit to Friends and ISD’s across Texas,” said Scott Milder, co-founder of Friends.

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