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Ambassador Training in Beaumont ISD Impacts Community Business Leaders

In a segment of the Roy West Radio Show, guest host Debbie Bridgeman discusses the Friends of Texas Public Schools Ambassador Training program, its positive impact on advocacy in business partner relationships, and what it means to be an engaged business partner with special guest Lori Higgins of Mobiloil Credit Union.

Debbie shared, "there are so many ways to get involved. The relationships are where our partners in education program is really working. If Beaumont ISD succeeds, the Beaumont community succeeds."

When Beaumont ISD began the Ambassador Program, they included their community group made up of PTA presidents, business partners, pastors, and city council members to be equipped with the correct information to share the great things happening in their schools with the people they encounter in the community.

Lori went on to say, "this is our community. If you want something to change, if you want positive things, then you have to get involved. You have to plug in and be a part of the change."

View the segment here.

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