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2021/2022 "Celebrating Texas Public Schools" Scholarship

This scholarship is for graduating seniors who can use their voice and visual media (i.e., video) to share how their public school education has impacted them. The goal of this scholarship is to highlight the “Great Things Happening in Texas Public Schools” from the student’s perspective. 


This year, Friends will award one scholarship. The student may be joining the workforce, continuing education through trade schools or other forms of post-secondary training, military, or be college-bound.  


Deadline Submission: October 15th

Notify winner: November 5th

Award Presentation: Friends Annual Awards Dinner on 11/17 in Waco, Texas

Format: Accessible link to video posted on platform of their choice (i.e., YouTube, Loom, Google Drive).


Those interested in applying for the scholarship must do the following: 

1.    Prepare a video/multimedia presentation, 2 minutes or less, regarding how public school has impacted your life/career choice and prepared you to meet your future goals.     

2.    Request one letter from a teacher related to the student’s work in school (pdf preferred).

3.    Obtain one letter from a guidance counselor, principal, vice-principal, or superintendent regarding the student’s plans after graduation.

4.    Complete the application below. Include how the scholarship will be used for the student's future/help achieve my goals, include approval to use video/presentation, link for presentation, upload letter docs and submit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for the “Celebrating Texas Public Schools” Scholarship?

A: Any graduating senior from a Friends of Texas Public Schools Network school district.


Q: Are there any limits on how many scholarship applications may be submitted by a school district?

A: Yes. A school district may submit no more than 5 scholarship applications.


Q: Are there any other stipulations?

A: Yes. A student must agree to attend the Friends of Texas Public Schools Gala held November 17 in Waco to personally receive the recognition. Friends of Texas Public Schools will pay reasonable travel accommodations.


Q: Are there any reporting requirements?  (how can the funds be used)

A: Depending on the planned use of funds, Friends reserves the right to request certain documents to insure the funds are spent according to the plan. 

Q: Are their restrictions on how the award can be used?

A: No. The purpose of this award is to assist the winner with starting their future after high school.


Q; What is the amount of the award?

A: The award amount for 2021 is $2,500.

Q: Are there any other requirements?

A: Yes. The winners will be required to submit a picture which will be used in our program and other media.

View previous winning submissions for an idea of what the selection team is looking for: