About Friends Membership Options

Network Member $350

The Network Membership is designed for Texas public school districts (ISD's) and includes all campuses. As a member of the FOTPS Network, your district will enjoy the following benefits: you will be listed in the “Friends Network” section of the FOTPS website and your district will be recognized as a FOTPS Network member at the annual Friends Gala. We’ve had over 500 districts across Texas join our Network in the last school year.  This membership level includes marketing toolkit access. 


Campus Member $50

The Campus Membership is for an individual campus.  (does not include marketing toolkit access)

Individual Member $25

An Individual Membership is offered for any person supportive of Texas public schools. Parents, educators, community members, business owners, you name it - if you believe that great things are happening in Texas public schools - this membership is for you! (does not include marketing toolkit access)



We hope you will join us this year. Please watch for your invitation letter in the mail, or simply fill out the form online to enroll for the 2021-2022 year.

We’re excited to welcome you!



HB 1495: 0% of your membership dues goes to directly or indirectly influence or attempt to influence the outcome of legislation or administrative action.