Bring your school leadership team for a full-day workshop and discover what it means to be an Ambassador and how to create a culture of Ambassadorship across your district. Based on the book, “ Hello! My Name Is Public School and I Have an Image Problem ” by Friends of Texas Public Schools Leslie Milder and Jane Braddock, this program prepares educators to step up as Ambassadors for their students, schools, and profession. Includes lessons on the great things happening in our schools and explores the major factors contributing to the decay of public confidence in our public schools, including brotherhood, communication, politics, and the incessant misinformation pervading public debate.


-Unite staff around your district’s goals and objectives.

-Create a culture of brotherhood among your staff.

-Stop negative chatter in its tracks.

-Strengthen public confidence in your schools.

-Cultivate a customer service mindset district-wide.

-Boost student retention and recruiting efforts.

-Mobilize staff to participation at the polls!


  • Classroom Teachers

  • Campus Principals/Assistant Principals

  • District Administration

  • Any staff who works in the schools and lives in the community - ALL YOUR STAFF!



500 West 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78701


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

9:00 am - 4:00 pm


$100 per person

$75 per person if Friends Network Member

(not a member, Join Now)

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Our Mission

"To facilitate respectful conversations about Texas public schools through honest communication, productive dialogue, and relentless encouragement."

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